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In the Nigerian literary space, genre fiction has been forced to hide in squeaky cupboards and rot in folders of desktop computers, rarely having an opportunity to share the spotlight with literary fiction. This lack of recognition of the Nigerian science fiction, fantasy, Afrofuturism & Afrojujuism, and heart-seizing mystery, has forced the writers to seek recognition via foreign platforms for far too long.

This forces so many talented writers off the bookshelves, because publishers do not want to give their stories a chance. And from this itching need to tell stories of African pantheons, ancient what-if traditions, and saucers ridden by “our village people,” emerged Agbalumo Stories.

At Agbalumo Stories, we create a platform, an iroko tree where we can share these tales, where deserving writers can find the spotlight as an Agbalumo author, regardless of the genre they write, and have their books grace bookstores nationwide and beyond.

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Agbalumo Stories was founded in 2022, in Lagos, Nigeria, with a simple goal to get your stories published and into the hands of your readers.


Expanding on genre fiction to reveal the spiritualities and complexities that steady human lives.


Setting a foundation that dictates the literary world for Africa in the future.

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